on Thursday, 26 March 2009

The daemons are coming. I felt them before I heard them. I knew what they wanted; I knew what they wanted to do to me. I shudder. I look around -desperate to hold on to something. Anything. In a daze, I begin chanting. It works for a while, buys me some time. I start planning a distraction. Reality kills my plans. I know that those plans will never work. I still try, mostly because of a lack of options. I think they can sense fear, the daemons, I mean. They gather courage , edge closer, cautiously at first and then with increasing manic energy. I don’t want them to come closer. I pray. I hear laughter in my head, praying? Really?, I wait for an escape. The daemons are closer now, I can feel them in my skin. Pain. Fear. Anger. Where is my escape? “Go away, you are not welcome” , I beg. More manic laughter.

I give in. They consume me. Agony. Rage. Tears.

And then comes my escape. I embrace it eagerly, It fills me. Creeps into my veins , quietly. Takes over my consciousness. Bliss. I breathe evenly, unconsciously. The strain seeps out, little by little. I feel secure. Oblivious.

Then they awake, the daemons. More vivid and dangerous. This time, I don’t have a choice. I let them ravage me, unable and unconscious to put up a fight. I hear laughter, the manic kind. Silence.

There is no escape.