Dicing With The Gods

on Thursday, 30 September 2010

We dice.

Without a care, and just for fun, we dice.

"What about Human lives you say? What are humans, but pieces on a board, sources of entertainment on a lazy afternoon. What are their lives, but flickers in infinite time; their presence, insubstantial in the vastness of space. Mere trifles, not worth sparing a thought for! We are the Gods, we own their every breath, thought and action. "

"Our bailiwicks are five, one for each - Reason, Irony, Calamity, Chaos and oh yes, Love." , detailed the Lord of Reason.

"My turn", roared the Lord of Chaos and rolled the dice with glee. Randomness ensued, one strange move followed by another. Each move illogical and unreasonable but very portentous. Soon after, a black storm raged the seas and fire rained down on the lands - Calamity's influence shook the board and some pieces disappeared into the gloom.

"Lets turn this into a masterpiece" ,pronounced the Master of Irony.With a graceful touch here and a sudden move there, his deft hand transformed the board to one.

Everyone turned to the God of Love with challenge in their eyes.

He returned their stares, smiled and said, "Yes, lets dice!"