on Thursday, 8 March 2012

"Where is it?"

"In the dark places in people's souls, and twisting by lanes of minds. In the silences in speech and commas in sentences. In the boldest lines of black, and deepest shades of red. Sometimes, it is even in the ephemeral glances and fleeting caresses. The undercurrents of lives and the un-happenings of things. Do not look for words, for words are capricious and change. They are intentional and intent can be suspect. Look closer, look deeper. When you know , you know , and when you know , you run"


"Yes, run. Fast."

A Love Song

on Saturday, 3 March 2012

Oh baby , but you are a wall , solid and sound
Darling, darling your feet are roots planted in the ground -
going deep, deep, deep.
eyes, blues eyes, pools of serenity, ever asleep
Ever there, forever here ,standing by me every hour
Baby, you need a flower ,so I will be a  wallflower.

But think for a bit,
Just for a minute -

Oh  love, if you went a little crazy and stirred up a storm,
I can be an eagle and take to the air
Darling if you were the big blue ocean
I could be a corsair.
Oh love, be as warm as a spring shower
Baby, be flawed just enough, so I would never be a wallflower.