on Thursday, 25 January 2007

Nothing….this is what I have left now. The present holds no promise and the future looks bleak. My shoulders are weighed down by the burden of sorrow that I carry. The castles of my dreams turned out to be made of sand, and reality, like a brutal wave washed them away. Hope seems elusive…. she wants to have nothing to do with me. Lady luck agrees with her and turns her back on me. Both of them walk away, hand in hand, even as beg them to stay. They just smile serenely and shake their heads- they have given up on me. I reach out for love, expectant, even hopeful. But find an empty void instead. I realize that I should not have tried.

I look around; I am surrounded by darkness, inky black darkness. I feel oppressed, suffocated. Tears start rolling down my face. I am not ashamed of them, they offer some relief. I cry for a while, and then the tears stop coming too, denying me their solace. I look up mustering enough courage to face my maker and question him…..

And then He hears my plea….answers all my questions. I begin to understand things. I am filled with wondrous understanding as I realize something….I am not alone in this battle… He has always been by my side…His eyes are the stars… they shine down upon me…. I realize that the darkness is there so that the stars shine better. Hope and lady luck had just gone for a walk…they come back to me with wide grins on their faces. I am lost in the vastness of the night sky….. the hundreds of constellations spur my imagination and help me build more castles. The tears come back again…but this time they are full of joy…. New ideas form in my head offering more hope. Suddenly I feel a bond, it fills my entire being. I know that it’s the same bond that runs through every living thing in every distant planet. All watched over by the stars. I feel connected to the stars. A smile spreads across my face…

I like the darkness…. It helps me see the stars.


lookwhosback said...

hey kinni,

one of the best first posts i have ever seen...very poignantly written..
and the other posts wer good too.do keep updating regularly..and drop by my blog sometime

kinni said...

hey shilpa!

thanx..!!been really long...i wrote this as a tribute to the pilani night sky...

i did visit ur blog...u write really well..

Dexter said...

hey kinni... a really nice first post... :) hope you are doing well... with everything... n btw i din kno that u r a die-hard romantic!

kinni said...

hey Dexter!

thanx!..and yeah..I am a die hard romantic...i know i dont seem like the type...but i am.. :)

Lakshmi said...

You write well kinni!

Would only like to see more of you positive enthusiasm and less darkness!

Love always,

Red Machine said...

Believe in God He will help you out.Could you do a post on the effect of poetry on sleep?

kinni said...

hey "red machine"

i do believe in God...and abt the a blog on effect of sleep..i have no idea wht u tking abt! :)