I So Wish I Were A Fish!

on Friday, 2 February 2007

You know? Fish are really interesting creatures. They come in all sorts of colours- from the serene blues to the out –of- the- world blacks , oh!, the radiant reds and of course the vivacious oranges. Its not just the colours though, there are shapes and sizes too! There are the humongous whales and the tiny rice fish. They eat a whole lot of things too…some fish are vegetarian while others are not.

So... just imagine being a fish, I know you are thinking “why???!!!”, but just wait a minute and imagine. It would be really cool! Fish have enumerable advantages over human beings. Well, if not anything, you would at least have a very colourful life!

You know, that feeling you get sometimes, like your head is too cluttered?? They say that the memory span of gold fish is about three seconds. So if you were a gold fish, this problem would be solved! All that you would have in your mind would be-

“Hmm…I’m hungry…wonder where I can get some food … I think I need to go do—Hmm…. I’m hungry….wonder when I can get some food….I think I need to go do- ….”

Of course, you would have a very genuine reason for forgetting people’s birthdays!

“Hey! What do I know dude.. I am just a gold fish!”

Their attention span is supposed to be 9 seconds, another great reason to tell your prof when he catches you snoozing in class –“ Hey! What do I know dude…I am just a goldfish!”

And yeah, fish get to travel a lot, they are rolling stones, they don’t stop at a place for long. And ergo, they don’t gather moss! For all those people who love adventure- Dream come true, isn’t it?? You could just pack your little cases and swim around all over the world- The world is your aquarium baby!!!

Groups of fish are called “school of fish” , so school would be great fun, all you would do is hang out with the guys!

Another trivial advantage-fish don’t have noses; they just have gills…so no one would ever get a chance to tease you about your funny little nose.

I could write a doctoral thesis on “the advantages of fish over human beings” . They don’t have to bother about GRE,CAT and other similar stuff that bother you and keep you awake all night! No relationship problems, no CDCs , no classes, and importantly , no comprees!! They don’t have to bother about what’s gonna happen two years down the line when you need to sit for those damn aptitude tests. No worries about the future or the past. Just live for the moment. Isn’t that the point anyways?

Man… I so wish I were a fish!


Aarthi said...

Awwww! :):)

Red Machine said...

Well sum1 seems to have forgotten something small.PEOPLE EAT FISH so better watch out in case your wish comes true.A cool post that was first time i met sum1 wanting to be a fish.He He..Kudos to the originality only prob was that had to use my dictionary for the first few lines but that happens when u read the blog of a GRE r CAT aspirant I guess.

Red Machine said...

And hey u r an Arian(if dats a word)..Is this what this post is all about?

Neo_082 said...

Fish can't see the colour red. Your call.

kinni said...

I too thought so vernon, but it looks like they can! some lure their prey using "red light"...chk this out : http://www.livescience.com/animalworld/050707_red_light.html

kinni said...

well. "red machine"...first of all thanx! :)...and yeah, I am an arien, but ariens dont have anythning to do with fish...piseces does..

kinni said...

and yeah...I still dont know who you are "red machine"

Red Machine said...

Lets just say this is a guy who is too lazy to blog and spends his time passing comments on others posts!! Will dat do?

kadambari said...

yeah!!looks like being a gold fish would be awsum!!beautiful!!

A Dysfunctional Raisin said...
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