Time Dilation

on Tuesday, 8 May 2007

I thought time dilation happened at relativistic speeds. Or near massive objects. So why is time dilating now?

It never fails, the last few days on campus are the longest.I tell myself," its alright!, its just four more days..". But I can swear that, that was what I told myself a long time ago! I am beginning to wonder, which frame of reference is travelling at relativistic speeds and causing time to dilate and when exactly do we change frames?Or does the Earth's orbit bring Pilani close to a blackhole every year during may and december?

The cynic in me says, "relativistic speeds? that has got to be your CGPA plummeting!"

I Agree.

"I" is Kinnera Mahankali, M.Sc. (Hons.) Physics, BITS Pilani.

I hear laughter in my head...


Radha said...

miss.cynic! nicely written !!
ahem....stp laughin get to solid state babe !! else speeds for plummeting will inrease!

kadambari said...

babe!spoken like a true b5ite!nd sigh..itz all relativity..some things we arent able to get rid off..nd some we dont get enough of..hail murphy!!

Lakshmi said...

Hang in there :-)

lookwhosback said...

wow...intelligent... i have no clue what u mean by time dilation and shit but the pompous ass that i am, i like to believe that i understood most of what you wrote :D. heh.

anyhow, u have been tagged. i see that u have not done any tags till now but this one is music and one..so me guessing u will llike...just chk the latest post on my blog titled the music tag...and dont get indolent about it...i demand quick action. for old times sakes....and me kind of miss those convos we used to have....ah..nostalgia sure is a killer

Tifossi said...

Oh my god dese phyisics students.

Tifossi said...

Trust me to me it seemed like you were discussin sum new theory of yours.

lookwhosback said...

so u cut paste tht music tag...and do the needful as mentioned in the first para..and replace my answers wid the ones u get

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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