2 months down; 2 more to go.

on Monday, 8 October 2007

so..Its half way through the semester and I have the good fortune (allegedly) of pursuing B.E(Hons.) EEE from one of the best institutes of the country. The EEE department of BITS is counted among the best of the world.

I have learnt a lot this semester, but the most important things that I have learnt are the following :

1. Zeros are very round.
2. It does not matter how many times the zeros are replicated, as long as there are no other digits involved, their absolute value remains the same.

I consider myself ENLIGHTENED.


Keerthi Kiran said...

hey not bad you are learning something!!! :)

Utsav said...

my zero's r not really round..they r kinda oval !!

kinni said...

@ keeks...yeah...something is better than nothing! ;)

@ utsav...okay...so i guess i need to add another inference
3>shape of the zero has no effect on its absolute value.

what do u think??

kadambari said...

damn cute!! :)
some corollaries..
1)zeroes are such a piss off!
2)nd our eyes go exactly the shape of a zero..wen we see one on our papers..as in after the stare from prof!!

kinni said...

@kaddu..funky! together we can make up a decent theory of zeros..after all...it was Indians who introduced them in the first place...;)

Radha said...

we indians contributed 'zero' and we are gud for nothing' man!!take it!
im absolutely 'ENLIGHTENED'

kinni said...

@Radha...I dot thing Indians are good for nothing...:)

Tifossi said...

Zeroes can be intimidating at times.. But they are an engineers delight.

Saba said...