on Saturday, 3 May 2008

Yeah, I prepared to fly alright, and crash landed! It was not so bad though, life always points u in the right direction, albeit in a very indirect and cryptic way. up to you to decipher things!and hey, thats the fun part, isn't it ??

anyways, the gist of this post is that, I have been busy and caught up with all the deciphering and now that I have chosen some sort of a path(hope its the right one ;)) am more stable and willing to write more often.

Get ready to be dazzled with my wit and humor, my passion and expression, my excellent take on life.

okay, plz do read my posts ! :P


Keerthi Kiran said...

yeah waiting for 'posts' :)

Utsav said...

neway...past is past!
welcome to the new world ! i m sure u'll love it!