on Monday, 1 December 2008

I stood there looking out at the lake, the breeze was gentle and brought with it the fragrance of flowers far away. The kind that lifts your spirit and puts a smile on your face. She will sing for you, if you have the time to stay and listen. The breeze- she whispers, barely audible. But wait; listen, let her talk, she has amazing things to share. The things she says will make your day.Not just this one, maybe other dark and gloomy ones too. High up above,within the bright blue sky; a bird in flight. Focus.Is it really a bird? It changes direction rather abruptly. Yes, definitely a bird. I look down. Beautiful blue water, suggesting undiscovered mysteries within its depths. Still and serene.Yet powerful too. The wheat stalks sway, gently at first, but with increasing excitement as they dance in tune with the breeze.

Suddenly,I feel like a part of the whole scene in front of me. I take a deep breath and feel the air fill up my lungs. I watch until the view fills up my senses and stretches into my mind, until it occupies the entire landscape of my consciousness. I feel like a jigsaw piece falling into place. Peaceful and quiet. And like a part of the whole.

Sometimes I wish photographs were three dimensional.


Janani said...
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Janani said...

Yes. You are right. It does feel perfect and serene at times like that. Nice post and lovely photo. :-)

kadambari said...

deja vu..i would say..