Of Bomb Blasts, Work Places and Arcade games.

on Thursday, 31 July 2008

This post is a few days late. But it is a good thing that it is, my opinion of the blasts has undergone a few changes since the day they actually happened.

Friday, the 25th of July

I was sitting at my desk and working, when I get a call from my friends.

"Come home"

"huh?! why?!"

"haven't you heard? There are bomb blasts in the city, 7 so far! come ASAP"

"huh?!My God!"

After that call, I was dazed and, well, I'll admit it, a little bit scared. I got up from my seat and walked around the office and found most people still busily working. I thought this was very odd and asked sharan, a fellow intern, if he has heard of the blasts. He said yes, and gave me a few details; the office was still very calm.

A few minutes later, some people stuck their heads out of their cubicles and started talking. Most of them had big grins on their faces. I could hear people laughing and joking. Most of them were still immersed in their work. At this point, I was Pissed!! people's lack of concern was unbelievable to me. I couldn't do much about it though; I just glared at everyone and left for home.

Saturday,26th of July

Bomb blasts in Ahmadabad. My friends played Arcade games online while the news played in the back ground.

I didn't know what to make of it.

Sunday,27th of July

18 live bombs, diffused in Surat.

I went out for lunch and watched a couple of movies on my laptop.

I am not so upset at people's apathy anymore. I understand. Everyone in sensitized to it. All the violence, border disputes, terrorism has become part of everyday life and people dont care anymore. Even so, I cant help but wonder,"Where is humanity headed?"


kadambari said...

yeaa...i remember..reading up on the net..discussing with friends...expressing shock...then..going out for a burger..

it couldnt go deeper than that..

kinni said...

yeah, may be the terrorists will stop doing this shit if they realize that, all the reaction that they are going to get is a few speeches by important politicians expressing shock and anguish while twiddling their thumbs and general apathy from people who will get back to normal life in no time.

2+2=5 said...

Its not your fault. I think we ought to be happy that we are not in the US where Bush's govt might have declared martial law by now. I guess your(and mine as well) actions show a sense of resilience and security prevailing in the Indian psyche. But then again, we haven't experienced any wars 1st hand (Kargil was like in another corner of the globe??) and are unable to comprehend the true nature of the terrorist's threat. Ignorance might just be bliss..

kinni said...

@ 2+2: I do not agree with you on that. When Kargil was happening it was very real. I guess, its not really ignorance but a limited memory that is blissful.