on Wednesday, 16 July 2008

My mom always told me to be a "professional" and get a "professional degree". She told me that during their time, there were not many options. She didn't have the right exposure to pick a career that would make her happy. She just had to pick a job, any job, and help support her family.

Its been 25 years since that scenario. I am sitting in my chair at my PS station and thinking about my options. Yeah, I do have my degree, i have two in fact! an M.Sc. in Physics and a B.E. in EEE. The thought in my head is "so what?" how has it made a difference? Yeah I do know that a MOSFET has 3 different regions of operation. But that doesn't make me happy. :|

Ambition. Every child has an ambition right? (well, at least all the Asian and Indian ones do). Mine was to be an astronaut. I was fascinated by the thought of Zero gravity.15 years later,today I am an Electronics Engineer and am as far from being an Astronaut as as monkeys are from learning to fly.

And I am considering my options.


Utsav said...
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Janani said...

Its never too late to pursue anything. It just takes some courage, lots of passion and a pinch of patience. :) But you are right. There are too many 'options' now.

Twilightgirl said...

nice make-up you've done out here.

kadambari said...

options!!! well well..either u hav a whole bunch of options...or none...nd rite now..given the fact that u hav too much time at ur disposal to think ....one pice of advice....dont!! jus let things go on..

kadambari said...

nd the new look...ur blog's.. is brill!